Self Portrait, 2013

Doris A. Day

Doris A. Day (* 1982) is a male British painter based in London. 

Day applies a lightness of touch and confident painting technique to a form of portraiture which negotiates its presumed redundancy almost as a slight of hand. Through conscious intervention he circumvents the discussion about the found image and the photographic quotation as well as the notion of genre altogether. His work reflects on the fact that narrative, literary or visual, remains paramount in the post-digital age. The form has changed trough trans-medial dissemination into a more fragmentary presence with many tangents, which in turn influences the way painting reflects this. 

A kind of portraiture / story is a key to reading the works and, yet, Day fragments the portraits and narratives by formal means. The depiction of a recognisable self, hero, prisoner of conscience or the infamous are coincidental. The partial dispensation with form can be understood as the gesture of the post-digital painter.



Wimbledon School of Art. MA Drawing 2005-2006
Winchester School of Art. BA Painting. 2001-2004



The Agency Gallery, London